Holiday renting made easy


Maximise the returns from your property investment!

  • ​You make your property available for year round holiday renting
  • You can still use your property yourself by blocking out certain dates for personal use, one of the benefits of holiday renting compared to permanent renting!
  • We help you to transform to a high-end holiday rental
  • We actively manage your holiday rental and take care of all activities
  • You receive comprehensive month end reports and a Fiscal Year summary report



Earn money while travelling!

  • ​You rent out your home during peak holiday seasons
  • We jointly make your home "guest ready" and secure your personal belongings
  • We manage your home while you are away. We take care of everything from guest screening, guest bookings, key exchange, cleaning, laundry, bin services, lawn mowing, and anything else that is needed.



It is a three step process to get your home listed:


Consultation meeting to assess your home. We discuss rental periods, holiday rental potential and other elements such as house rules. Results: overview and decision to proceed.


We sign an agreement and get the activities underway to get your home activated for holiday rental. There will be activities for you and SOLscape to conduct. It takes about 3-14 days to get your home listed on the various booking sites.


You start receiving bookings and rental income!


In addition to the three step process mentioned above, we will need to take care of some extra elements with your existing managing agent, like the transfer of future guest details.

We will assist you in the switching process and discuss the details of your situation.

SOLscape guarantees that you will not incur any switching costs or extra hidden charges.

The transition for future guests is also seamless.

Please also consult the Frequently Asked Questions by property owners.