Holiday renting made easy


Holiday renting is our core business, this is 100% of what we do. Every day.

We do things differently to make your holiday renting experience as easy as possible and profitable as possible for you. We apply a different approach in attracting holiday guests compared to the established real estate agents.

We are happy to share the exact differences in a face to face conversation.


We guarantee that there will be no switching costs and other hidden charges when you choose SOLscape as your holiday rental property manager going forward. Transparency is key at SOLscape.

The transition for future guests will also be seamless.


Please answer five qualification questions​:

  1. Is your home reaching its full potential?
  2. How many secured bookings do you have already for the peak Christmas and summer season?
  3. How many positive reviews did you receive since your home was listed for holiday renting?
  4. Do you know your guest profiles?
  5. Do you know how you compare to other holiday houses?

If you answered maybe, no or don't know to most of these questions, then please do get in touch. Should we say more?


Holiday rental is added to your income, this applies to both short term and year-round holiday renting.

All costs and investments associated with holiday renting are tax deductible pro-rata for the number of days your home was available for rent during the year. Costs deductions include management fees, marketing costs, cleaning costs, laundry costs, utility bills, internet bills, council rates, mortgage interest payments, repairs and home improvements. For example if your home was availabe for rent 100 days, you can deduct 100/365 (27%). Please consult a tax advisor for full details.


Does SOLscape have a real estate licence?

Yes, our corporation licence is 10060269, Susan's individual licence 20159071; both issued by NSW Fair Trading.

Susan is a member of the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REI NSW) as well as the Holiday Rental Industry Association (HRIA) and Greater Port Macquarie Tourism Association (GPMTA). SOLscape follows all NSW real estate industry rules and guidelines and applies these to the day to day business operations. Susan has set up efficient processes, technology and management control procedures to run the business, as implemented over the past 20 years during her high-flying consulting career for external clients prior to starting her own holiday rental business. She does things properly and professionally. She avoids red tape where possible to operate her business as efficient as possible and to keep fees for you as low as possible.

More information on licensing can be found on the NSW Fair Trading website:

“The requirement to hold a real estate licence generally includes anyone providing services relating to the selling of real estate or the booking of holiday accommodation, under the NSW Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002.

An exemption from the Act has been granted to short term accommodation booking agents (not more than 2 months) as long as they do not accept money from people booking short-term accommodation.

Those commencing work in the industry are required to apply for a certificate of registration. A certificate of registration may be granted to work as a real estate sales person, business sales person or registered manager.”